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Interlab Shipping & Logistics is a premier freight broker and industry-leading freight forwarder expert for shipping in United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We provide expedited freight shipping services & we offer brokerage services that you can rely on. We pride in exceptional customer service, and we ship packages by land.

Our company is proud to tell that we have every area in reach of our delivery and logistics services, so no town, county, or village is out of our grasp. Now you can deliver, collect, or call for management what you need at amazing prices. We have customizable logistics and delivery plans, at wallet-friendly prices for your needs.
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Delivery to your front door

We have multiple workers and delivery vans, which allow us to deliver to your threshold, no matter the size, weight, or distance. Now be at ease from picking up the delivery.

Fully digitalized work

Now you can book a carrier from your house, only by accessing our website. Our workers will be at your doorstep to pack it up in front of your eyes and take it to its designation.

Everything can be sent

We have carriers that allow us to carry your cargo, via air, sea, or road. So, you can send fragile and edible stuff without worry about it rotting on the way.

Opportunity for Innovation

Our experienced staff have a broad background in the logistics industry and are equipped to provide all your inquiries with a fast and precise response. Through hard work and integrity, we make every effort to obtain the best prices for our valued clients and are committed to quality service. We treat every shipment with the utmost consideration, urgency, and significance. Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction every time we provide our services.

Industry-Specific Expertise

We are dedicating our services to fulfill all your needs at Interlab Shipping & Logistics, from the origin to its destination. We have proved to be a secure, reliable, quality-driven carrier service provider since our incorporation. Our extensive global network covers the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, ensuring that you can deliver your freight almost anywhere.  We understand the core of unique transportation and logistics challenges for every company, which is why we depend solely on providing your company with appropriate solutions. We offer extensive service plans customized to your specifications.


We have added shipping of edibles to our fortes, due to shipping via air, so that you can get fresh food supply wherever in the world.

  We manage the transport and storage of materials entrusted to us.

Making one receipt for multiple articles being delivered by us

Time for delivering

We know how time costly is to have something being delivered, which is why we care for our customer’s well-being and time. We do not practice the age-old idea of subtracting working days from weekends, so we deliver our services around the clock throughout the week, so that our customers will get whatever they need as soon as possible. 

Time for delivering by Interlab Ship Logix

Costs vary, for the type you choose: train, ship, or plane.

We usually will give you the exact date and time for when the package will arrive, but any unseen changes if the shipment is delayed, we notify the customer.

Priority is ‘Quality’ and ‘Health’


The quality of the logistics plan and the state of the parcel arrived cannot be forgotten by the receiver, which is why we always make sure that our customers receive the highest quality of work. We also make sure that our workers follow all the corona SOPs to make sure that your health is never jeopardized.

High Priority and High Quality provide by interlab ship logix

You can evaluate the quality of our services once you experience them yourself.

The health of our customers is very important; that is why we ask our workers to wear gloves throughout the loading and delivery process.


How to contact us

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